Where is Glaukos' corporate headquarters?

The Glaukos corporate headquarters is located at 26051 Merit Circle, Suite 103, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

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What was the date of Glaukos' initial public offering (IPO) and at what price?

Glaukos' shares began trading publicly on June 25, 2015. The initial offering price was $18.00 per share.

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How are Glaukos shares traded?

Glaukos shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "GKOS". The CUSIP number is 377322 102.

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Does Glaukos have a direct stock purchase plan?

Glaukos does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. Shares of Glaukos common stock (NYSE: GKOS) may be purchased through any registered broker dealer.

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When is Glaukos' fiscal year-end?

Glaukos' fiscal year ends on December 31.

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Who are Glaukos' independent auditors?

Ernst & Young LLP

18111 Von Karman Ave Ste 1000, Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 794-2300

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Who is Glaukos' transfer agent and how can I contact them?

Communication regarding transfer requirements, lost certificates and changes of address should be directed to:

The American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219
(718) 921-8200
(800) 937-5449

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Where can I find SEC filings for Glaukos?

Glaukos SEC filings may be viewed and downloaded here or at www.sec.gov.

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How can I sign up to receive Glaukos email alerts?

Enter your contact information here to receive alerts with Glaukos news and announcements via email.

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Who do I contact if I have investor-related questions?

Please submit inquiries via email to investors@glaukos.com.

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